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9.30 -10.00 Registration

10.00- 10.45 Introduction: Why we’re still YES
Gill Bannister, Maggie Chapman, Myshelle Haywood

11.00 – 12.30 Session 1 – Ideas for Another Scotland

i) Beyond Sanctions and Food Banks: Work and Welfare
Contributors include Carlo Morelli, Connor Beaton, Sarah Glynn (SUWN)

ii) Yes to Workplace Democracy: Why Campaigning Trade Unions Matter
Contributors: Jim McFarlane, Helen Meldrum (tbc),  Mike Arnott

iii) Beyond the Carbon Economy: The Oil Crisis, Fracking and Renewables
Contributors: Maggie Chapman, Andy Myles, Peter McColl, Sarah Hendry

iv) Beyond Campaigning: Communities, Resistance and Change
Contributors: Robin McAlpine, Gill Bannister, Doug Haywood

v) Yes to Gender Equality: Why Feminism Matters
Contributors: Nadia El-Nakla, Anna McFarlane, Sarah Browne

vi) Scotland’s New Economy: Rethinking Economics and Money
Contributors: Duncan McCann, Duncan McCabe

12.30 – 1.15   Lunch Break
1.15:  The Pure, The Dead and The Brilliant with writer Alan Bissett
1.45 – 3.15:  Session 2 – Making Another Scotland Possible

A.   World Cafe: Space to develop ideas from the morning discussions

B.   Robin McAlpine talking about the ideas underpinning Common Weal.

C.   There’s more to politics than elections. Panel discussion with;
Cat Boyd, Myrto Tsakatika, Duncan McCabe, Lesley Riddoch

3.30 – 4.15:  Closing Plenary

Contributors include Stuart Fairweather, Jonathon Shafi, Carolyn Leckie (WfI)

Workshop outlines are available on our home page

Contributor Biogs/comments.

Robin McAlpine (Commonweal): “2014 was an amazing year in Scotland – but it means nothing if it doesn’t lead to real change. There are so many things that need to be done – a new media, a way to sustain activism, a really strong set of new policy proposals, effective campaigning and lobbying, ways to make and keep the connections that make movements effective and much more. No one organisation can do all of this alone but Common Weal has begun work on all of these areas. We want to talk to people about what we’re doing, but just as importantly to get people involvd so they can shape our work – and feel ownership. This conference will be a chance for Common Weal to outline its plans for 2015.”

Lesley Riddoch: Lesley Riddoch is an award-winning broadcaster, writer and journalist. She is founder and Director of Nordic Horizons, a policy group that brings Nordic experts to the Scottish Parliament.

Myshele Haywood: Myshele Haywood is an Aberdeen-based activist, writer and public sociologist who has been involved with the Radical Independence Campaign since early 2013. A New Scot, she has lived and worked in Scotland for more than ten years, and has just become a permanent resident.

Cat Boyd: Cat Boyd is a co-founder of the Radical Independence Campaign, a trade unionist and co-author (with Jenny Morrison) of Scottish Independence: A Feminist Response.

Jonathon Shafi: Jonathan Shafi is a co-founder of the Radical Independence Campaign and a supporter of the Scottish Left Project.

Maggie Chapman: Maggie Chapman is the co-convenor of the Scottish Green Party (with Patrick Harvie) and was the top Green candidate for the European elections 2014. She is councillor for the Leith Walk Ward in Edinburgh and lectures at Napier University on cultural geography, environmental ethics and social justice.

Sarah Hendry: Sarah is an academic lawyer specialising in water and environmental law working at the University of Dundee. She is Scottish Editor for the Journal of Water Law and the Journal of Environmental Law and Management, and has recently published ‘Frameworks for Water Law Reform’. She will be contributing in a personal capacity.

Andy Myles: Andy currently works with Scottish Environment LINK and for many years has been a passionate advocate of social, economic and environmental development that is truly sustainable. A former chief executive of the Scottish Lib Dems, he last year described the party’s plan to build a federal UK as “naive” and said only independence could bring power “closer to people” in Scotland. Andy will be contributing in a personal capacity.

Gill Bannister: RIC Dundee’s canvassing co-ordinator during the indyref period. She will address the opening plenary. Gill was one of the first female engineering apprentices at Dundee’s Michelin factory where she nows works in Quality Control.

Carolyn Leckie: Carolyn is involved with Women for Independence and is a post-graduate student at the University of Dundee.

Duncan McCann: Duncan is a researcher with the New Economics Foundation (NEF) focused on understanding the monetary system, its impact and consequences on society, the environment and the economy as well as researching alternatives at international, national and the local level. Duncan has been working on money for over 5 years and prior to NEF was working at Positive Money.

Nadia El-Nakla: Nadia will be joining #RIC2015 as part of our discussion on feminism. Nadia has worked with Amina Muslim Women Resources Centre (MWRC) for years and is a founding member of Tayside Justice for Palestine: some of you will also know her for her work with the SNP.

Sarah Browne: Sarah Browne is involved in the Radical Independence Campaign and Women for Independence in Dundee. She is interested in the role of women and feminism in the yes campaign. Her book ‘The Womens Liberation Movement in Scotland’ was published last year.

Anna McFarlane: Anna is a member of Radical Independence Dundee. She has a long-standing interest in feminism and co-organised the 2014 conference ‘Smashing the Patriarchy in 100,000 Words? Feminism in Academic Theses’ at the University of Dundee.

Alan Bissett

Child-friendly activities between 10am and 12.30pm, and 13.45 to 4.15pm. Food and refreshments available on site or at many nearby hotels, pubs and cafes.

All sessions will be held in accordance with the RIC Safer Spaces policy and the Radical Independence Dundee Considerate Conduct Guidelines (See ‘About’ page on this site for details).

Tickets cost £10 or £4 low-waged/unwaged and can purchased at


or can be ordered by emailing us at radicalindependencedundee@gmail.com


1 Response to #RIC2015

  1. oldbattle says:

    RIC represents a meme of/for the new social forces created by the post-crash/zero hours/ self directed/ virtual/creative/freelance/ alternative/non-fordist/neo-black/post capitalist economy that directs political energy into multi-point activism.
    Facebook and its social media cohorts form cells of concern gathered together into change agents driven by an autonomous audacity spiked by anti-capitalist angst and a little Gramsci.
    RIC is a movement that brought creative management and above all passionate imagination to what traditionally has been a torpid cauld-kail Scottish Left.
    They deserve our deepest respect (and my auld yin’s solidarity) for what they have achieved.
    Post May there will be many more zombie Labour souls seeking a refuge.
    RIC might need to build a home without destroying Fox and friends but by looking at the Greek multi- pack left model & so find a political force to challenge for state power in 2016 and beyond.

    (Wrote this for a blog trying to explain/define RIC. Sorry will not make the road & the miles…)

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