Yes to Workplace Democracy: Why campaigning trade unions matter

Yes to Workplace Democracy: Why campaigning trade unions matter

Mike Arnott: GMB 30 years, secretary of Dundee TUC and member of STUC General Council

Helen Meldrum: Public and Commercial Services Union, Revenue and Customs Dundee Branch

Secretary and a member of PCS General Executive Council.

Note-taker – Hamish Drummond: former chair STUC Youth Committee and Dundee Trades Council

and PCS Exec Council

Jim McFarlane: founder Dundee Trade Unionists for Yes, Secretary of Dundee City Union and regular

candidate for the Trade Union and Socialist Coalition (TUSC).

Beyond the General Election – potential for trade unions in building a more progressive future.

3 points:

1. That trade unions must remain truly independent of both employers and the state to represent

their members interests.

2. That legal restrictions prevent trade union members, particularly in a workplace context, from

taking solidarity action via grassroots democracy.

3. Learning from the Yes campaign on the effectiveness of an active culture of meetings,

discussion and democratic engagement as well as the benefits of social media strategies.

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