Beyond Sanctions and Food Banks: Work & Welfare

#RIC2015 Workshop outline

Facilitators and key contributors; Sarah Glynn (SUWN),  Connor Beaton (SSP) and economist Carlo Morelli.

After the referendum many people who had been campaigning for a fairer Scotland wanted to do something practical. Often this took the form of mass foodbank collections. This session is about how we can combine immediate practical help for some of the most vulnerable people in our society with political campaigning to make sure that this help stops being necessary.

The session will also look forward, examining the meaning of work in the 21st century, how work could be shared and how currently unpaid and undervalued roles in society could be rewarded. Could we all work less? Is a better work/life balance vital for a healthier, happier society?


Sarah Glynn represents the Scottish Unemployed Workers’ Network (SUWN), an independent organisation, founded in 2011, that combines campaiging with practical welfare work.

“We organise activity ourselves and also co-ordinate with other groups across Scotland and beyond. The unemployed are in the front line of the current attack on the poor that threatens to take us back to the hungry Thirties. We are part of the fightback.”

For more information (and our report on sanctions in Dundee) see
You can also find us on facebook:

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