Yes to Workplace Democracy

#RIC 2015 Workshop outline

Facilitators and key contributors, Mike Arnott, Helen Meldrum and Jim McFarlane.

Trade unions in Scotland have over many years borne the brunt of Thatcherism and now experience at first hand the consequences of austerity. In spite of this and the varying official policy responses of the unions at a national level, there remains a tradition of resistance and collective action. This has manifested itself both in actions at the workplace DTUCand in wider society. Specific unions and the STUC have each attempted to devise tactics and strategies to oppose the worst of the onslaught. At different times this has meant opposing all the mainstream political parties. This workshop will explore this context and discuss ways of expanding and building on opposition to those that put profit before people. This workshop will look at the roles of trade union activists and Trades Union Councils, as well as the movement more generally.

This session will include contributions from Mike Arnott, secretary of Dundee Trade Union Council, member of the STUC general council; Jim McFarlane, Dundee City Unison branch secretary and Dundee Trade Unionists for Independence; and Helen Meldrum, PCS. All contributors are speaking  in a personal capacity.

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