World Cafe

World Café session – Information sheet.

The world café will be an opportunity for participants to develop the themes from the 6 morning workshops, under the overarching theme of ‘Making Another Scotland Possible’.
The workshops will provide the six subthemes – ‘how can each of these contribute to Making….’

The reporters from the morning workshops will provide 3 key points from each of these subthemes.

Yes Cafe Nov 13At the world café, there will be one table for each workshop subtheme.

The key points from the morning will be displayed, and there will be a coordinator, who was at that workshop and who will stay at that table throughout. People will be able to develop those points or add others in that subtheme.

Every 15 minutes people will be invited to move group. People can stay at one group, or move to another group, at each timeslot.

After the event, the coordinators will lead on drawing outputs together, involving anyone who wants to be involved (eg by email). The outputs can then be used to further develop policy ideas. In this way, the conference will be able to produce lasting and ongoing contributions to Making Another Scotland Possible.

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