Beyond the Carbon Economy: The Oil Crisis, Fracking and Renewables

#RIC2015 Workshop outline
Facilitators and key contributors; Maggie Chapman, Sarah Hendry, Andy Myles.

Is the plummeting price of oil a wake up call to a Yes movement that made much of Scotland’s oil wealth? If we are to limit global temperature rises then most of the world’s carbon reserves will have to stay in the ground. Is this a ‘Carbon Bubble’ of toxic assets waiting to crash global markets ?
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAt present the Scottish Government want to cut taxes for the multinationals to encourage more oil exploration and also want to cut carbon use by 42% by 2020, a target which is now only five years away. This apparent contradiction suggests that the Scottish Government are, somewhat hypocritally, seeking to export the carbon to be burnt elsewhere while meeting domestic targets.
If we need to leave most of our existing reserves in the ground, then where is the justification for fracking?
Can renewables fill the energy gap? Scotland’s proportion of renewable-produced electricity is rising significantly, but electricity accounts for only 15% of our energy use. What are the alternatives for heat and transport?
Is a decentralised community-owned renewable energy infrastructure possible or is state and/or corporate involvement inevitable?
This workshop will examine all these questions and more as we look at the implications for our economy beyond carbon.

Maggie Chapman is co-convener of the Scottish Greens, Sarah Hendry is an environmental lawyer and Andy Myles works with Scottish Environment LINK. They are all speaking in personal capacities.


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