Beyond Campaigning: Communities, Resistance and Change

#RIC2015 workshop outline

Facilitators & key contributors:  Gill Bannister ( RIC Dundee) Doug Haywood ( RIC Aberdeen) and Robin McAlpine ( Common Weal)

What did we do well in the Indyref campaign, or need to do better next time?
Where can we go next to make Another Scotland Possible?

10550028_10153006095538496_3326021223070178605_oWhat lessons can be learned from our campaign for Indyref 2014? Did “positive campaigning” work? Are marches and rallies effective, or are they preaching to the choir, excluding of others? Did the RIC mass canvasses empower grassroots campaigners during Indyref? How can we encourage people to participate? Would off-street training classes help? How can we be more inclusive?

Where do “we” go now? What do we campaign on? Must we join a political party to continue working for radical change?
Can we use the opportunities presented by Community Empowerment Bill to empower ourselves to build better communities?
(easy read version here:- )
Do you feel that there is a space to bring people together to start social enterprises, to grow more community food, to get together in a way that reduces the effects of global financial crashes, and the effect of austerity policies? Does that space already exist?
Could community involvement be a more effective way of reaching out to people who were not part of the Yes community, and include them in making a better Scotland for all of us?
In the wider community, will activism against TTIP, Fracking, Trident, Austerity help bring different communities together?

Bring your opinion, bring notes, share them with others in the Beyond Campaigning workshop, and at the World Café sessions in the afternoon at RIC Spring Conference in Dundee.

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