Federalist Solution to UK Over-Centralisation?

A federal system, akin to that in Canada, is proposed in the RIC Dundee Smith Commission submission

Their proposal addresses the need for a “coherent and comprehensive constitutional settlement that covers all parts of the UK, including England”.

Report author Alister Rutherford said;

“England is the only country in the UK without its own Parliament and this is the cause of the present furore over English Votes for English Laws. The creation of an English Parliament solves that problem and enhances democracy.

“A Federal Parliament, not necessarily sitting at Westminster, would control a minimum of reserved powers necessary for the survival of the UK state, for example defence, foreign affairs and monetary policy.

“The UK, despite being one of the most over-centralised states in the world, is no stranger to federal solutions having introduced federal constitutions in Canada, Australia and post-war Germany.”

RIC organiser Duncan McCabe said;

“While we still believe full independence to be the best solution for Scotland, we do accept the result of the referendum and are prepared to work within the parameters of the Smith commission to achieve greater democracy for the people of Scotland.

“Control over all revenues and taxation would allow the Scottish Parliament to deliver a fairer and more just economic system which could address the urgent problems of  inequality and poverty in our society.”

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One Response to Federalist Solution to UK Over-Centralisation?

  1. pforpaddy says:

    Submitted very similar comments already. We await the outcome.

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