Choose Yes – Choose A People’s Scotland

Radical Independence Dundee stepped up their referendum campaign today with the launch of their ‘People’s Scotland’ campaign and announcement of their next mass canvass event. At the campaign launch, local RIC organiser Duncan McCabe said:

“The NO campaign tell us that we’re Better Together and that the UK is OK. But for almost half of Scotland’s pensioners who can’t afford to keep their house warm in the winter; for the one in five children who grow up in poverty; for the tens of thousands of people surviving on minimum wage, zero-hour contracts; for the thousands relying on food banks (1), the UK is not OK. For them, and so many others, Another Scotland is Essential.

“An independent Scotland would be one of the top twenty wealthiest countries in the world(2). But most of us don’t see that wealth because, as part of the UK, we live in one of the most unequal countries in Europe (3) .

Inequality graph

UK Inequality changes 1960 – 2010

“This wealth gap has been increasing ever since 1979 as Westminster politicians have embraced an ideology based on conflict and competition which syphons off wealth from ordinary working people to the privileged elites.

“In Scotland, half of our land is owned by only 432 people mostly through trusts registered in tax havens (4), and billions of pounds more are lost to our economy each year through big business and multinationals tax avoidance (5). So, while the fat cats get ever fatter, those one in five children are growing up in poverty (6). But it doesn’t have to be like this. It’s a political choice. In small, independent Norway, one of the most equal countries in the world, that figure is around one in twenty (7).

“Those pensioners who can’t afford to keep warm in the winter (8) – they are living in one of the most energy-rich countries in Europe. But with the worst state pension in the EU (9) they just can’t afford to pay ever-increasing bills from the profiteering privatised power companies.

Renewables graph“While our oil reserves will run out one day, our huge renewable energy resource never will. These natural resources belong to us all. We must ensure that in future, the wealth created from renewables, and from other sectors of the economy, benefits our entire population.

“It’s time to take control of our future and rebuild our society based on radically different values: Positive values – of community, of co-operation and, most fundamentally of all, caring.

“This referendum isn’t about David Cameron, or Alex Salmond, or any politician. It’s about us, the ordinary people of Scotland: It’s our decision and it’s our future. It’s our time to choose.



Mass canvassRadical Indy activists will be taking their People’s Scotland campaign to Fintry on Sunday 22nd June when they are holding their second mass canvass event in the city. Over sixty people flooded Charleston with the Radical Yes message last month and canvass returns showed a clear Yes majority.

“It’s a pattern we have seen repeated across the city from Happyhillock and Mid Craigie to Menzieshill and Charleston.” said RIC Canvassing Coordinator Gill Bannister. “I’m canvassing twice a week because I want everyone to know that a fairer country can be ours, starting with just a cross on a piece of paper.”

The Fintry Mass Canvass takes place on Sunday 22nd June from 1 till 4pm. Meeting at the shops beside the Dolphin on Fintry Road

Watch our ‘People’s Scotland’ campaign video


1) The Dundee figure works out at 4.2% of the city population!







8)  Page 44



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