I’m YES because….. #3

A short statement from indy activist Karen Brownlee giving her reasons for supporting the Yes campaign, along with a couple of wee poems she has penned from her experiences canvassing with RIC over the past few months.

I Believe Scotland’s Future Generations Deserve Better. Only by freeing ourselves from Westminster’s corruption, can Scotland begin to recover from the unfairness of London rule.
This is an exciting time for Scotland. The world is watching us. Please do not let Scotland be the first country in the world that has had the chance of Independence, and not grasped this wonderful opportunity with outreached hands!



He Came To His Door A’ Dishevilled
A Bundle O’ Mischief And Glee
Chawin’ A Moothful Of Egg Yolk
Which He Had For His Supper/Tea

He Was A Hoot , Although A No Voter
I Decided To Gee Him Some Facts
Nothin’ That Yi Wid See In The Media Mind!
Yessers Dinnae Feed Fowk Crap !

“On A Scale fae 1-10 John,- Whar Wid Ye Be ?”
Maybe 3 or fower? He Replied-No Any More !
As He Chatted To Me N Susan Again – (Well Up For A Bitty Banter )
Hud Me Back I said To Masel, With More Info – We Can Better His Score!

She’s A Scunner , He said To Susan About Me
Kens How To Win Me Ower! –
“Efter This Wee Convo John -What Will I Put As Your Score”
Pit Me doon For 7 He Said – Scotland Needs Mare Power!

We Enjoyed This Evenings Canvassing
Meeting Lily , John And All Their Neighbours
More Grassroot Canvassing Is What’s Needed
It’s Fun, Unpredicted – Not Hard Labour !

Afore I bade ye good night John ,
Did Ye Say Ye Were An 8 ?
John Smiled and said cheerio girls-
Mind and close Mhey gate !



We Met Dear Lily While Out Canvassing
A 93 Year Old Widow who is lovely
Invited Me And Susan Into Her Hoose
To see her photos of her handsome Hubby!

Her Lounge Was Adorn With Pictures
Of Her First Love, Her Mum & Her Bairns
All Her Fondest Memories Of Them All
Were Shared With Myself & Susan Mearns.

We Took Time Talking To This Stranger
She Was A Victim Of A Crime You See
Her Neighbour, Who Should Respect Her Elders
Assaulted Poor Lily – Over A Bin & Garden Debris !!

Lily Was Planning On Moving Out Of Her Home
She’s Stayed Here For Near 50 years!
As Her Neighbour Cut The Heads Of Lily’s Prize Peeny’s
Family Members Rallied Round & Helped This Auld Dear

We Parted Company On A Cheerful Note
Lily’s Eyes Were Alive With The Memories She Shared
She Was Soon Off To Bed -To Hopefully Dream Of Her Love
Time Spent With The Old Woman – Was Time Well Spared !

I Wish Lily Health & Happy Memories


Not Interested !

A Hippyish Young Lad Answered His Door
With An Attitude So ..NonChalant
Typical Younster Couldnae be Ersed
But Was Too Polite To Asked WHAT WE WANT !

I Telt Him Straight ..Its For Your Future We Do This
And For Future Generations To Come
Too Late For Me I Retorted!!
Felt Like A Lecturing Mum !

We Asked If He Wanted To Register (To Vote)
And He Politely Asked Us In
He Had A Hoose ful’ Of Yes Pals Awaiting
To Want Indy And Not Vote, Would Be A Sin

As They Were Filling Their Forms At The Table
Another Chap Walked In
He Spoke A Lot About Politics
Wanted Yes , But Not Voting ( We Will Work On Him )!

One Guest Asked Gill For The Badge She Wore
(A Yes Badge) ..Which Was Her Last !
I Can Give You A Window Sticker She Said
They Queued Up , Were Delighted ,..Great Canvass !

(One Hour After We Left Them To Enjoy Their Party
We Were Walking Back To Meet Up With The Other Canvassers,
We Were Alerted By Folk Shouting Out Their Window On Us
It Was The Young Man And His Pals ..They Has Stuck All 5 Stickers Given To Them …On The Hosts Window…..Now If That Doesn’t Show Passers By.. He’s Voting YES!…Nothing Will !




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