A Radical Mayday

The referendum isn’t about Alex Salmond, the SNP or indeed any politicians, it’s a national conversation about the chance to build a People’s Scotland.

As part of that national discussion, Radical Indy Dundee are pleased to welcome authors James Foley and Pete Ramand to our city on Saturday to promote their new book which sets out a radical vision for post-independence Scotland.

DUNDEE-yes-radical-case-black-white-poster-2An incisive and accessible account of the UK’s social, economic and political decline, the book examines the grip of neo-liberalism on Scotland and argues that an independent Scotland must go far beyond the remit of the Governments White Paper if it is to become a more equal society.

The authors are both active in the Radical Independence Campaign (RIC) and will join local RIC activists on the annual Dundee Mayday march and rally immediately before the book launch. The Mayday march leaves Hilltown Park at noon.

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