RIC#2013 Another Perspective

“..we have to learn an alternative thinking and dialogue which grows many, many genuinely community based models and brings true ownership of the peoples’ assets by the people.” Wendy Andersen gives her views of RIC2013 and where the campaign should go from here.

The conference was a great success. If we can harness that energy and clear thinking and get in front of the public, then we will have made a major contribution to a ‘Yes’ vote. The unintended weaknesses of the SNP and the Yes campaign is that they exhibit a need to offer only conservative changes and don’t want to get into real debate or visions of radical change.

So, thank goodness for Radical Independence! Warnings would be, talk is all very well but we need to be keeping very busy over the next few months running up to the vote as the Scots over the last 300 years have become more and more lethargic and switched off. We need to avoid the belligerent element in politics with tends to turn most people off. Also in order to get maximum number of people on board to vote Yes, the Left leaning individuals and groups should not be allowed to dominate and squeeze out the other voices….because somewhere in there is the missing million.

Despite being someone who is from the left, I have to say I am not keen to see the narrative being narrowed to the point of stopping at the public sector’s door with just union members. This is how, at a media level, representation of the opposition in the past has been illuminated. We need more political activity driven by folk who don’t have a union and who don’t get a reasonable wage with reasonable conditions. The missing million don’t even have this and engaging them is the challenge of the Radicals. We have a substantial number of people who don’t feel they have any representation. One of the golden opportunities that Radical Independence can achieve is to harness these people.
Somewhere in the debate we have to learn an alternative thinking and dialogue which grows many, many genuinely community based models and brings true ownership of the peoples’ assets by the people. We have to be warned of the impact of the globalised agenda. We do not just have a struggle to regain our resources but we need to understand scary things like this: If Anglo-American interests were prepared to go into Iraq and subsequent places in the way they did for oil, we better watch out for ourselves. In our case, they won’t be doing it with tanks and bombs, they will be doing it with (even more) media brainwashing and subtle coercion of state sector bodies.

Top down politics is now rotten to the core and bores the electorate. We should be aiming at a genuine people based democracy with the person at the centre being the driver. As someone who is an activist for elderly care and disability care provision, if we do not empower these people to have a bigger say than the power hungry eejits like the Gordon Browns and Blairs etc. we are not going to cope with the demands and needs within our society. Let’s not leave anyone out at all…not one! We all matter.  I honestly believe if ordinary people have the tools they will look after themselves. ……well, mostly.

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