By The People – For The People

“Where is the  democracy in removing  one parasitic form of rule for this pre-planned …..regurgitated form of London rule?”  The SNP call to form a council of state to negotiate independence is critiqued by Andy Duncan of North Angus and Mearns RIC.

As the time period for the vote on independence shortens ,the media in Scotland, that has up until now embraced the “No” campaign, are beginning to acknowledge that an increasing number of “The Ordinary People” of Scotland that have the most to gain by a yes vote, see this vote as a vote for the future.

Public opinion polls are churned out like copies of the “Sun”,  but  the uncertainty  of the “Ordinary People” of  Scotland’s opinion are classed as a mystery, and subsequently the “Democratic”  Rulers of Scotland have convened a Cabal to retain their power. Former Labour Leader Henry McLeish, states that he would answer the call from the SNP to set up a “council of state” to help negotiate Scotland’s split from the UK.

 McLeish states that politicians who back the union would have to put aside their “Partisanship and Tribalism”, to help get a good deal for the new country! The crux of the matter is that a team of “Grandees” from all parties would be convened to set the new country on its road to Democracy.

The suggestion of the members of this team, council, or post independent government of advisors would be Mr McLeish, Mr Jack O’Connell as well as three former Scottish Secretaries, Lord Forsyth, Danny Alexander and Mr Moore, backed up by an army of lackeys who will try and enforce this “Council of State ” on the people of Scotland. The council would include Lord Lang, Lord Forsyth, Lord Reid, Helen Liddle, Alistair Darling, Douglas Alexander,  Des Brown,  Jim Murphy, and overseen by Mr Bill Clinton, whose wise advice would be acted upon.

Democracy? Where is the  democracy in removing  one parasitic form of rule for this pre-planned rule by a new or regurgitated form of London rule. The glib references to poverty and deprivation of the “Ordinary People” of Scotland will be placed on the “council of states”  agenda in the other business section , along with the clean beaches and dog shit removal.

 As a political movement we should ensure that the “ordinary people” of Scotland are at the forefront of any political decisions, that the struggle of the ordinary people should be at the top  of any agenda, and therefore lead to the radical reformation to the basic management of our nation and its people!

To this end, Radical Independence should be prepared to mount a mass assembly on the 19th of September 2014 to ensure that the “Ordinary People” of Scotland are listened to, and to make aware to our new masters, that nothing less than Government  By The  People For The People  is the politic of the day.

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One Response to By The People – For The People

  1. Dave Coull says:

    I have just checked and the only thing I can find about this “council of state” is an article saying that Henry McLeish would answer such a call if it was made. The article refers to this possibility as ” a call to be made this week at the SNP conference by former MSP Andrew Wilson, who will suggest Scotland should be represented by a team of grandees from all parties after independence”.. But the article also contradicts itself. It contradicts that “after independence” bit because it says their job would in fact be “before independence”. It says they would “help negotiate Scotland’s split from the rest of the UK, if the country votes for independence next year” – that is, the article is saying their job would be in the year and a bit from the 19th September 2014 to February 2016.

    So, what have we got? A former politician is going to put forward a proposal at the SNP conference. His proposal is certain to be hotly debated at that conference. It may or may not be passed by that conference. If it does get passed, then you could say it’s an “SNP call”. But that’s not what it is at present.

    Now, I think it’s a terrible idea, and I agree we should vigorously oppose it. But the first thing to do is to let folk attending the SNP conference know we think it’s a terrible idea. That means having some kind of protest at the SNP conference, and a leaflet opposing this terrible idea.

    It’s hard to believe the SNP conference would actually pass this daft idea, but, if they did, a lot of SNP folk would still be against it. If the SNP conference does pass this terrible idea, then of course we should continue to oppose it. But as for the idea that “Radical Independence should be prepared to mount a mass assembly on the 19th of September 2014”, I have a feeling that some folk (including me) might have a wee bit of a hangover on the morning of Friday 19th September. So, I would suggest, if we’re going to do this, Saturday the 20th of September might be a better idea!

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